Effective repair of tarpaulins from A to Z

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Metal skeleton covered with a tarpaulin - this is what modern trucks look like. Despite the fact that the material from which the tarpaulin is made is the result of the use of the latest technologies and is usually of high quality and resistant to weather conditions, it can be damaged. If this happens, it is worth seeking help from specialists in repairing car tarpaulins.

When does damage occur?

There are many circumstances that favor the destruction of the tarpaulin. The most common are:

  • attempted theft of goods,
  • traffic accidents,
  • bad arrangement of goods on the trailer - a moving assortment can cause many problems - from overloading one side of the vehicle to damaging the tarpaulin,
  • hooking on sharp objects and elements of road infrastructure,
  • long-term operation of the sheet

All the above-mentioned situations require the tarpaulin to be repaired or replaced. You can commission a repair to a professional company dealing with this type of faults or you can stand up to the task yourself and take care of the repair yourself using repair tape for tarpaulins

How to effectively repair a tarpaulin?

As long as the damage is small, you can repair it quickly using ours tarpaulin repair kit R- Plast Multi Premium consisting of 6 battens in the following sizes:

  • 39 cm x 48 cm - 1 piece
  • 39 cm x 24 cm - 2 pieces
  • 19.5 cm x 24 cm - 2 pieces
  • 19.5 cm x 44 cm - 1 piece

and the necessary accessories:

  • 6 wipes soaked in isopropyl alcohol
  • Sandpaper

In order to carry out an independent and efficient repair of the car tarpaulin, remember that corrective intervention from the inside of the tarpaulin is recommended to obtain an aesthetic effect. Park your car in a convenient and safe place and then:

  • Use sandpaper to roughen the area around the defect - the repair will be much more durable.
  • Degrease the tarpaulin with the isopropyl alcohol wipes provided - for better surface cleaning, we recommend using two wipes. After degreasing, wait 2-3 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate. 
  • Apply the repair kit to the cleaned tarpaulin. Select a patch 2-3 centimeters larger than the defect area. Peel off the protective layer and cover the damage.
  • And it's ready! Who in the way this time. 

And for slightly larger repairs, we recommend it repair rollers with a material density of 630g / m2 available in two sizes: 

  • 22 cm x 220 cm 
  • 14 cm x 220 cm 

Both the kits and repair rollers are made of high-quality materials in 19 color variants to protect and match your tarpaulin as effectively as possible. 

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