How to protect yourself against fuel theft? The best methods against thieves

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Are you wondering how to protect your car, agricultural or construction vehicle from thieves who might try to steal fuel? Maybe you are a professional driver and you are concerned not only with the load, but also with the tank? Find out about our anti-theft fuel systems and learn how to effectively protect yourself against thieves.

Protection of the fuel tank against theft

In trucks, there can be up to 1000 liters of fuel in the tank, it is not difficult to calculate that it is a large amount of money. How to protect yourself from theft? Fuel anti-theft protection can be divided primarily into electronic and mechanical. Electronic are all kinds of probes and sensors, and the most common mechanical security devices are locks and sieves. Of course, it is recommended to park only in guarded parking lots, but it is not always possible. Therefore, it is good to additionally secure the fuel tank or the filler itself. This can be done in several ways.

Dragon protection and fuel filler lock

At ISP4TRUCKS you can find, for example, the professional Tank Protect fuel dragon protection. It is a 3 mm thick aluminum protection. The material has a very good corrosion resistance, thanks to which the dragon protection works smoothly and will not rust even after many years. This type of security is available in various sizes, so they can be adapted to a specific vehicle model. The Tank Protect dragon protection is, above all, ease of installation, safety and aesthetics of the solution even after a long time.

Another interesting choice is the TIR anti-theft security device in the form of an infusion lock with an anti-splash valve. The holes in the strainer of Tank Protect security devices are smaller than in most popular models, the security also has a higher fuel flow during refueling (there is no 'rebound of the gun'). The lock is lower than the standard height, which means that with a full tank, less fuel can be sucked off. The protection is fitted with a professional anti spill valve.

Other fuel anti-theft security features and good habits

Among the security devices for trucks, you can also distinguish classic padlocks or security in the form of a trident. The advantage of this type of security is low cost. However, a padlock or a trident can be sawed through. It should also be remembered that mechanical protection alone is not enough. The protection of both the transported load and the fuel always depends on the attitude of the driver himself. It is best to park in guarded parking lots, in a lit place or within the range of monitoring. Avoid parking in a remote area, in places that even seem uninteresting and dangerous. You can also think about additional security, for example in the form of an alarm or GPS-based systems. The most important thing, however, is to be vigilant both on the road and when parked, and where possible, stay close to other drivers.