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DYNAGEL 2000+ – coolant


"LONG-LIFE" antifreeze concentrate with extended action.
FOR ALL TYPES AND BRANDS OF CARS, cars and trucks. Guarantees full protection of the engine cooling system by 5 years or 1,000,000 km*.

MEETS G12 ++ STANDARD REQUIREMENTS. It can be used for all types of cooling systems: aluminum, cast iron or mixed. In 100% miscible with other coolants. Based on organic acid technology (Organic Acid Technology). Completely protects the engine cooling system against corrosion and cavitation (rapid phase change from the liquid phase to the gas phase under the influence of pressure reduction). It protects non-metallic elements of the system (gaskets, connections, fasteners) against aging. It does not contain poisonous nitrites, amines and phosphates - environmentally friendly.


The liquid's boiling point of 110°C will ensure efficient operation of the cooling system and protection against boiling of the liquid in hot weather and car operation even in extreme conditions.


The freezing point of -37°C guarantees effective protection of the cooling system during severe frosts in our climatic conditions.

* 5-year or 1,000,000 km warranty applies to the exclusive flooding of the cooling system and supplementing any losses with DYNAGEL 2000 fluid.



Exceeds or meets the standards of the following manufacturers:

VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA (TL 774 G), MERCEDES BENZ 325.6, FORD (ESE M97B49-A, WSS-M97B44-D &ESD M97 B49-A), OPEL GM (QL130100), RENAULT (41-01-001-D), VOLVO, CHRYSLER (MS9176), GM (1899M, US 6277M), MAN (324 Type Si-OAT 248 & B&W D 36 5600), JOHN DEERE (H 24 B1 & C1), LEYLAND TRUCKS (LTS 22 AF 10), MACK (014GS 17004), Cummins (85T8-2 & 90T8-4), MAN, SCANIA TB145, MTU MTL5048.

Meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM D3306, ASTM D 4985, SAE J 1034, BS 6580 (2010), AFNOR NF R15-601, CUNA NC 956-16,UNE 26361-88, JIS K 2234,

NATO S 759.


Before attempting to replace the fluid, check the recommendations and notes on the maintenance of the cooling system contained in the vehicle's owner's manual.

  1. With the engine cold, drain and flush the cooling system with clean water.
  2. Check that all hose clamps and connections are tight.
  3. Dilute according to the dilution table.
  4. Fill the system to the proper level as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Close the tank inlet.
  5. Run the engine for a few minutes and turn on the heater.
  6. Stop the engine, check the fluid level and top up if necessary.
  7. Replenish fluid losses during operation with DYNAGEL 2000+ fluid. In an emergency, small losses can be supplemented with distilled water in the summer.

Remember to check the fluid level and condition of the cooling system at least once a month and before each long trip.

* The given price is a gross price and applies to 10 pieces of the product

** The price of the product in 60l, 200l and 1000l packages includes the cost of delivery to any place in Poland