HQ Aero Dynamic - Rear wiper (HQ3A14) BMW, VOLVO HQ000135

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HQ Aero Dynamic – Dedicated wiper blades, intended for the rear window of the car.

An English brand of premium doormats, characterized by the highest quality of materials used and workmanship. The extraordinary durability of HQ blades ensures effective operation even in the most extreme weather conditions and allows their use for an extended period of time.

HQ Automotive wipers are available in a wide range of dedicated fasteners, prepared for a specific car make and model, so you can be sure that the blades will perfectly match your car.

The main advantage of Aero Dynamic wipers is the sophisticated technology thanks to which the wiper blade optimally adapts to the curvature of the windshield, causing an even pressure on its surface and guaranteeing high quality of their work.
Equipped with an aerodynamic spoiler, they have a pleasant and quiet operating characteristics.
The extremely flat shape and straight line have significantly reduced their dimensions and improved aerodynamics, thanks to which they behave much better than traditional wipers at high speeds and in the cold.

The product includes one dedicated wiper for the rear window of the car.

Purpose of the wiper:


  • BMW 5 Touring; (F11); 09/2010 ->
  • BMW 5 Touring; (G31); 06/2017 ->
  • BMW M5 Series; (F11); 09/2010 ->


  • Volvo V70III; (-); 08.2007 ->
  • Volvo V90II; (-); 03/2016 ->
  • Volvo V90 Cross Country; (-); 02/2017 ->
  • Volvo XC40; (-); 12/2017 ->
  • Volvo XC70II; (-); 08.2007 ->
  • Volvo XC90II; (-); 06/2015 ->

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