ALASKA SNOW CHAINS (FOR AUSTRIA, 295 / 60R22.5) 292952

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Łańcuchy śniegowe Alaska (na Austrię, 295/60 R22,5), nr kat. 292952

Alaska chains are standard heavy duty chains. The low own weight of the chains enables their easy and quick assembly. Chains provide good traction. Chains meet the requirements of the Austrian standard O-Norm V5119 and GF / TUV Austria.
Additional information about the product:
– Alaska chain is made of 7.0 mm square links
– chain eyes are made of special hardened alloy steel, the entire chain is fully galvanized
– the chain is tensioned using a special lever and an additional tensioning chain
– each pair of chains (set for 1 axle) is packed in a woven polypropylene bag

The chains fit the following wheel sizes:
Rim Tire size Remarks
19,5″                            305/70
22.5″                             10.00
22.5″                             11/70
22.5″                            285/60
22.5″                            295/60
22.5″                            295/70
24″                                 9,5