TORK Worm Clamp W1 Galvanized Diameter: 170-190 mm (12 mm) 000166

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TORK Cable tie - Worm clamps guaranteeing maximum effectiveness with minimized pressure. They have a wide range of diameters and the shape of the tape prevents damage to the hose. The special thermal treatment of the bands eliminates the deformation of the belt during twisting. TORK bands are used, among others in automotive, agriculture, industry and various types of devices. 200 hours of corrosion resistance. The thickness of the zinc coating is 12-15 microns.

W1 worm clamps according to DIN 3017-TS 12091 standard.

Diameter range (d): 170 – 190 mm
Belt width (b1): 12 mm
Thickness (s): 1 mm
Lock height (h): 13,90 mm
Bolt Size (sw): 7mm

Quantity: 1 piece.