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Snap-on Equipment introduces its new tester with Intelligent Diagnostics to the Polish market.

The PDL 8000 is the latest diagnostic tool that brings Intelligent Diagnostics to the SUN PDL series of devices.

Smart Diagnostics guides mechanics in a logical way through the diagnosis process from determining the type of fault to solving the problem, saving them time and making their work more efficient and effective.
Smart Diagnostics based on the error code indicates each next action to take and guides the user step by step to find a solution. Only relevant information is displayed, selected for a specific vehicle and fault code, while the system allows you to avoid performing actions that are redundant or unnecessary in a given case. Mechanics save time, workshop is more efficient and productive.
PDL 8000 is the latest device in the line of the most effective and most intuitive diagnostic tools ever created.

The PDL 8000 includes the following efficiency-enhancing features:
• The Code Scan feature allows you to read and clear fault codes from all available vehicle systems. Any hidden issues are detected and a pre-repair vehicle systems scan report is automatically saved for presentation to the customer. After the repair, a final report can be printed and given to the customer to confirm that all defects have been fixed, thus building trust and increasing customer satisfaction.
• SURETRACK™ – Technical Repair Information System is a database with the most common actual causes of a fault for a given vehicle, fault code and vehicle mileage. It uniquely combines intelligence and expertise to help mechanics repair cars efficiently.
• Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) - the system will automatically search for and display bulletins and service actions related to a given error code for a specific vehicle. TSB is information from car manufacturers about the possible causes of the fault.
• Smart Data - automatically displays those operating parameters that are associated with the error code and monitors whether they have valid values, highlighting those whose limit values have been exceeded
• Functional Testing and Service Procedures – Verify proper component operation with easy service procedures that facilitate diagnosis and complete repair.
• Component Tester - 2-channel oscilloscope with predefined measurement routines allows mechanics to find faults and quickly identify the faulty component.
• Snap-on cloud services through the website Vehicle scan reports - before and after repair can be automatically uploaded to the ALTUSDRIVE.COM cloud. The service provides quick access to them and the ability to analyze, print, store and send them by e-mail or SMS to its customers.

The number of vehicle versions, systems, operating parameters, tests and service procedures continues to grow. Finding the right relationship between the cause of the problem and the solution becomes more and more complex.
The PDL8000 with its unique Intelligent Diagnostics system has been designed to meet all these challenges.
More about the PDL 8000 tester with the Intelligent Diagnostics system at:

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The engine control system diagnostic tester is used to diagnose the operation of the engine and electronic components in the car. Thanks to this, it is possible to precisely determine the location of a possible fault or check the correct operation of the engine. The tester is connected to the diagnostic socket, which is located in every car.

Fault codes are shown in the manufacturer's diagnostic program, designation and description shorten the time to repair the car.