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MAGNETI MARELLI B225A 007960001370
• mikroprocesorowa wyważarka z samokalbracją i samodiagnozą.
• automatyczne uruchomienie po opuszczeniu osłony.
• automatyczne zatrzymanie koła pod koniec obrotu.
• automatyczny miernik do wprowadzania odległości i średnicy koła.
• niska prędkość wyważania.
• 7 programów dla felg aluminiowych.
• ruchome płaszczyzny – dokładne wyznaczenie miejsca przyklejenia ciężarka.
• ukryty ciężarek – podział ciężarka na dwie części i rozłożenie go za szprychami felgi aluminiowej.
• mobilna przednia podstawa wspierająca koła do 50 kg (opcja).
• napięcie zasilania: 115/2230 V – 1Ph – 50/60 Hz
• średnica wału: 40 mm
• maksymalna średnica opony: 1117 mm
• maksymalna szerokość opony: 600 mm
• prędkość obrotowa: 90 – 130 rpm
• maksymalna wyliczana wartość niewyważenia: 999 gr
• czas wyważania: 7 sek.
• waga: 75 kg
• poziom hałasu podczas pracy: 70 dB (A)

Equipment for replacing and balancing tires


The tire changer is one of the devices included in the equipment of car workshops and vulcanization. It is used to take off and put (mount) car tires on rims. We distinguish between semi-automatic and automatic tire changers.

Tire changers can be equipped with a number of additional elements, for example:

• Leverless attachment (eliminates the need to use an assembly spoon) [1],

• adapter for Run-Flat tires.

Balancing machine - a device for balancing rotating machine elements such as rotors, shafts, car and motorcycle wheels.

In the wheel balancer for car and motorcycle wheels, balancing the weight distribution of the wheel with respect to its axis of rotation is achieved by means of balancing weights. The weights are placed on the circumference of the rim at points indicated by the machine as places to be loaded to obtain the correct weight distribution in the wheel. Unbalanced or unbalanced wheels cause vibrations while driving, which translate into unpleasant vibrations of the steering wheel and stress on the suspension components.

Currently used balancers have a balancing accuracy of up to 1 gram, and the differences in individual devices come down to the degree of automation of the activities performed and the precision of indicating the place where the weight is to be attached.

There are also balancers for balancing drive shafts.

The following issues are related to balancing rotating machine parts:

• static balancing - allows to detect the position of the center of mass outside the axis of rotation, but not to determine the asymmetry along the axis of rotation. Can be carried out without setting the wheels in motion,

• dynamic balancing - allows you to correct the position of the mass along the axis. It is performed by analyzing the moments of forces generated by a rotating wheel.




Magneti Marelli After Market Parts and Services was established in 1985 as a trading division of Magneti Marelli Holding, and its mission was to introduce parts intended for factory car equipment to the aftermarket.

The company occupies the position of a spare parts distributor on the global market in the segment of Independent After Market (independent market of spare parts) of the automotive industry (passenger cars, vans, trucks).

Specialized in many brands of spare parts, Magneti Marelli offers about 30,000 catalog items divided into 30 product lines and can benefit from an organized network of about 5,000 authorized workshops around the world (Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Belgium, Croatia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Morocco, Israel, Malta, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine).

It offers its customers original spare parts or spare parts in original equipment (OE) quality * in the following departments: Electrics and electronics, Mechanics, Bodywork, and Consumables.

It distributes the following brands: Magneti Marelli, Checkstar, Magneti Marelli Elaborazioni 1919, Cofap, Mako, Vitaloni, Yorka, Automotive Lighting, Axo Scintex, Cromodora, Seima, Carello, Jaeger, Veglia Borletti, Weber, Siem, NGK NTK, Mahle, Pagid, Corteco, Roulunds Rubber, Brembo, SNR, Philips, Exel, Cool Weather, Denso, Autodata, Alldata Europe, CF Gomma.

The Magneti Marelli company is distinguished in particular by a brand that is recognized by both professional users and consumers, as well as a well-developed service network (Magneti Marelli Checkstar Service Network).

Magneti Marelli also organizes industry training courses and trains car repairers in the use of diagnostic systems. When it comes to providing information, a dedicated Customer Service Center provides mechanics with online assistance.