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Co zrobić gdy plandeka zostanie uszkodzona

Plandeka jest nieodłączną częścią wyposażenia każdej ciężarówki, dlatego powinna być zawsze w nienagannym stanie i zapewniać bezpieczny transport.  Zazwyczaj jest wykonana wysokiej jakości materiału i teoretycznie trudna do uszkodzenia, ale co zrobić, gdy jednak dojdzie do jej uszkodzenia? Najlepiej skorzystać z doświadczenia Specjalistów z ISp4Trucks, którzy od lat produkują zestaw do naprawy plandek.

Jak powstają uszkodzenia plandeki i czy warto samodzielnie ją naprawić zestawem do naprawy plandek?

Intensive use of the truck, despite the driver's attention, sometimes causes abrasion or tearing of the tarpaulin. This poses a threat to the transported goods as well as to the road traffic itself. The most common causes of tarpaulin damage are: attempted theft of goods, traffic accidents, wrong arrangement of goods on the semi-trailer - moving assortment can cause many problems - from overloading one side of the vehicle to damage to the tarpaulin, catching on sharp objects and elements of road infrastructure, long-term operation of the tarpaulin.

Buying a new tarpaulin can be expensive, so it is worth repairing the old one. Many stores offer tarpaulin repair kits that do a great job. 

W jaki sposób samodzielnie naprawić plandekę zestawem naprawczym do plandek?

To obtain an aesthetic repair effect, the tarpaulin should be corrected from the inside. Our corrections will then be unobtrusive, and the process itself will run quickly and efficiently. 

  • First you need to use sandpaper to make the surface around the defect dull. Then the tarpaulin will be more durable.
  • It will also be necessary to degrease it with the enclosed isopropyl alcohol wipes. For a better cleaning of the surface, it is recommended to use two wipes. After degreasing, the alcohol must evaporate for 2-3 minutes
  • Stick the repair kit on the cleaned tarpaulin. It is best to choose a patch 2-3 centimeters larger than the area of \u200b\u200bthe defect. The next step is to remove the protective layer, we stick the tape that will cover the damage.

What to look for when choosing a tarpaulin repair kit?

The first and most important rule to follow is to use a specialized kit designed to repair the tarpaulin.

  • Ordinary gray tape is not suitable for this purposebecause it's not very durable. Moisture getting under it can cause it to stick. Many companies refuse to load a temporarily repaired semi-trailer for fear of damaging the goods. 
  • Specialized tarpaulin repair kits are reinforced with polyester fibers, which increase its resistance to mechanical damage. 

Zestaw do naprawy plandek zalety:

Repair tape for tarpaulins ideally, it should ideally fit the repaired surface, so that the repair place does not stand out after sealing the defect.

 And here are all its advantages:

  • Color matching 

Repair tapes are available in different colors. Some stores offer up to 19 color versions (additionally, there is also a colorless variant). 

  • Material durability

Made of high quality certified material  allows you to effectively repair the tarpaulin.

  • Speed and ease of use

Welding is not necessary when repairing. A good tape does not require this, making the repair simpler.

  • Resistance to weather conditions

Glue on the repair material should be temperature resistant from -30 to 100 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this, it will be possible to use the tape in difficult weather conditions.

Produkty firmy ISP4TRUCKS – prezentacja najciekawszych zestawów do naprawy plandek

The basis of a good set for repairing tarpaulins is high adhesion, thanks to which they permanently adhere to the place of damage. This prevents sticking even in very difficult weather conditions. 

Tarpaulin Repair Kit R – Plast Roll premium 22 cm x 220 cm– parameters:

  • The surface of the tape is covered with a modified acrylate adhesive, weighing 230g/m2.
  • The adhesive is resistant to temperatures ranging from -30 to +100 degrees Celsius and meets the prescribed standards and quality parameters.
  • AFERA 5001 adhesive strength (N / 25mm) 38, thickness without insert is 0.22mm.
  • The insert, which builds the tape, is made of silicone paper, the weight of which is 120g/m2.
  • The carrier is a multi-directional polyester mesh.

Zestaw naprawczy do plandek R- Plast Multi Premium consists of the:

  •  6 patches in sizes: 39 cm x 24 cm (2 pieces); 19.5cm x 24cm (2 pieces); 

19.5cm x 44cm (1 piece)

  • 6 wipes soaked in isopropyl alcohol
  • sandpaper

Repair rolls with a material density of 630g/m2 available in two sizes: 

  • 22 cm x 220 cm 
  • 14 cm x 220 cm   

Why choose ISP4TRUCKS products?

Zespół Isp4Trucks consists of qualified engineers who solve every problem and sellers who take care of contact with the client. The ISP4TRUCKS offer includes the highest quality tarpaulins. Their features are:

  • tall  tear and damage resistance
  • high resistance to weather conditions
  • permanent color

They have a wide range of applications:

  • production of car tarpaulins
  • trailers
  • semi-trailer
  • tents
  • hall
  • banners
  • covers for agricultural machinery, cars, motorboats and scooters

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