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Safe transport of goods is a priority for every transport company. Responsibility for the entrusted load rests largely with the driver. Therefore, it is important to provide him with appropriate protection and accessories for trucks, which in long-distance driving may turn out to be highly necessary.

Anti-theft protection of fuel for trucks

A common problem for professional drivers (but not only) is fuel theft from the tank. An infusion without protection is an easy bite for robbers, so to protect it, it is worth getting a fuel anti-theft protectionconsisting of a can with a movable lid and a padlock. The ISP4Trucks anti-theft kit effectively protects the tank from getting into its contents. The accessory will work well to protect the fuel filler of trucks of the following brands:
  • Daf,
  • Volvo,
  • Man,
  • Renault,
  • Mercedes,
  • Iveco
  • trucks of other brands, with a fuel tank closure with a diameter of 80mm

Installation and operation of fuel protection for trucks

For full operation, the overlay must be securely attached to the sprue together with a high-quality padlock. The assembly of this accessory is quite smooth and requires only a few tools that are certainly in every car.
Mounting methodSafeguard put on the filler neck of the fuel tank, and then tighten the screws located on the locking collar. After tightening the screws sufficiently, cut them off to prevent them from being unscrewed again. The closure is equipped with a patent lock that no one will open without a dedicated key and thus will not get to the fuel filler cap.

Anti-theft protection - accessories for trucks

In addition to the fuel tank, it is the semi-trailer that falls victim to the robbery. To avoid theft of goods, the doors of the semi-trailer should be properly secured. For a refrigerated semi-trailer, a high-quality set will work well - Premium Trailer Lock anti-theft protectionmade of acid-resistant steel. A solid, steel construction effectively protects the cargo space against unauthorized access.

Premium Trailer Lock has a resistant body and a massive, secure padlock, which guarantee the safety of the transported goods. Installation of this protection does not require welding, and all mounting accessories are included in the set.

Truck tarpaulin repair kits

Unfavorable weather conditions or other random situations during the route may cause unexpected damage to the tarpaulin. We can immediately go to a workshop dealing with the repair of Renault and other truck tarpaulins, or try to remove the fault ourselves. A tarpaulin repair without the help of a professional is much cheaper than ordering a service from a service center. In addition, self-repair can be carried out at any point on the route - thanks to this, we save time looking for and getting to a truck service that also offers tarpaulin repair.
In the event of an unexpected failure, the ISP4Trucks tarpaulin repair kit comes in handy, which is great for removing the damage. There is a choice single set or expanded o extra isopropyl alcohol wipes and a knife.
Installation of the repair system - the tarpaulin repair is carried out in a few simple steps:
  • development of the area around the destruction with sandpaper,
  • cleaning the repair area with isopropyl alcohol wipes,
  • selection of a patch adequate to the size of the damage,
  • fixing the patch on the defect.
The current offer of the ISP4Trucks store also includes other useful truck accessories, e.g. cabin door security, snow chains, security padlocks. View current offers and best prices for truck equipment.
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