What does the durability of the tarpaulin depend on? Repair of car tarpaulins

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By definition tilt it is a sheet of material designed to protect the transported load from damage. Due to its function, it must be characterized by high durability, not only against weather conditions, but also against mechanical action, for example abrasion. What affects the durability of car tarpaulins and why are they the most solid variants available on the market?

High quality depending on the material

The most important thing in the process of creating TIR tarpaulins is the material. Its properties determine the durability of the cover, so it must be properly selected for the application. Coatings made of polyester fabrics coated with PVC on both sides are considered highly durable.

Anti-dirt and mildew varnish

It is also crucial to use a dedicated varnish that protects the tarpaulin from dirt and mold. Varnishing is a necessary stage of making a truck tarpaulin in our climate zone, where the coatings are exposed to long-term contact with water, especially when they are not garaged.

Tensile strength

Due to the use in truck transport, the tarpaulins must be sufficiently resistant to stretching. While driving, they are exposed to quite strong gusts of wind, which affect the statics of the material - it can periodically stretch (stretch) or remain in a neutral position. It is important that the tarpaulin is made of flexible plastics - only then can we count on tensile strength.

Material density

The optimum material for a truck tarpaulin has a density of 700 g/m2 and a 9 × 9 weave (for flatbed trucks). The best quality tarpaulins have a density of 900 g/m2 and a 12 × 12 weave (in the case of curtains and curtain tarpaulins). Tarpaulins made of high-density materials are extremely resistant to damage and stretching.

The color of the cut tarpaulin tarpaulin remains irrelevant

There is a very common - although erroneous - belief that the color of the tarpaulin affects its quality. In fact, the color of the material does not affect the durability and resistance of the tarpaulin. The shade of the coating is important only in the context of using the tarpaulin during the summer, when there are high temperatures. For this period, it is worth choosing a light-colored tarpaulin to avoid overheating of the interior of the semi-trailer and the goods transported in it.

Mechanical injuries - repair of car tarpaulins

Unfortunately, even when choosing a high-quality tarpaulin, we can expect more serious damage to the coating - mechanical damage, rarely resulting from unfavorable weather conditions or lack of sufficient attention by the driver while driving. It happens that trucks become objects of robberies during night stops. It is in such circumstances that the tarpaulin most often suffers extensive damage, and the load it was supposed to protect is stolen. When you notice a damaged tarpaulin, you should immediately visit a car tarpaulin service or try to remove the fault yourself. You will learn how to do it using the damaged tarpaulin repair kit from this article.


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