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We are a producer of Tarpaulin Repair Kits on the road, recognized by thousands of Polish and European companies, without the need for costly and time-consuming welding. We also manufacture professional Cargo Security and Fuel Security which reduce the risk of theft and access by unauthorized persons.

The offer of the ISP4TRUCKS wholesaler includes products for the broadly understood automotive industry, with an emphasis on the truck segment. Knowing the ins and outs of "everyday life" in transport, we are constantly developing our assortment to provide you with a wide range of products and accessories necessary in everyday use.

Our products have been available for years in Poland and all over Europe, and their quality has been appreciated by thousands of satisfied Drivers, Fleet Managers and Business Owners.

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Truck accessories

Tarpaulin Repair Kit

R - Plast Roll premium 22 cm x 220 cm

  • Quick and easy-to-use tarpaulin repair tape
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable and reliable - it allows you to effectively repair the tarpaulin
  • Perfect tarpaulin repair without welding
  • 19 color versions and a transparent version
  • Irreplaceable in the most crisis situations
  • Made of the best, certified materials

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Tarpaulin Repair Kit
Tarpaulin Repair Kit

Anti-theft protection for the fuel cap

FOR PADLOCK 105mm 20S117322

  • Steel fuel cap protection with hardened steel padlock (included)
  • Lockable on the side
  • Keeps the cork from being removed
  • Lockable on the side. Keeps the cork from being removed
  • Suitable for tractors with standard fuel tanks
  • Mounted on filler necks with a cross section of 105mm
  • Adjustable clamp clamp

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Anti-theft protection by TiR

Premium Trailer Lock - stainless steel

  • High-quality anti-theft security kit for the trailer door
  • Robust and resistant to external factors construction made of 8 mm acid-resistant steel
  • A solid body that prevents drilling
  • Massive, secure anti-burglary padlock
  • Assembly without the need for welding
  • Irreplaceable in the most crisis situations
  • High-quality securing of the cargo space

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TIR anti-theft protection

You will go on tour with us confidently!

Anti-theft security systems Fuel and anti-theft security systems TiR and repair kits for tarpaulins

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We have the best way to technology: we design and manufacture ourselves, or we order them from the best. You can be sure of our materials and technologies, because we build our brand on them.

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For years, the issue of cargo, fuel and vehicle safety has been our driving challenge. We want to make sure - an essential component of the feeling of safety - the best working environment for the driver.

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Speed and confidence

When you are in a crisis situation of a damaged tarpaulin, what counts is speed, comfort and certainty of the solution. You are looking for help - but it can't be a stopgap! We give you a solution that will help you in no time at all on the 100%.

We provide quality certificates, specifications and characteristics of accessories for trucks, increasing the safety of cargo and vehicle.

For the convenience of customers choosing solutions in our store, we provide specification documents. The availability of these resources allows for quick and error-free reactions in demanding situations, increases the standards of use and keeping full documentation of the fleet. On our website you can download documents related to the protection of fuel tanks against theft, accessories for tarpaulin repair and other accessories for trucks.

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